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Hartwell students collaborating
Reading and English

The emphasis of Reading and English instruction in grades PK-2 is focused on teaching students to become good readers and writers. Teachers utilize a variety of resources to ensure that learners build the fluency and comprehension needed in order to be successful in school and in life. Students in grades 3-8 continue with theme-based instruction in the areas of Reading and English to continue to build fluency and comprehension. Students now utilize the ability to read and write in order to learn versus learning to read and write in class.


Math instruction at Hartwell School involves the opportunity to problem solve, apply math to real-world situations and to ensure the understanding of "why," versus "what" the correct answer to an algorithm may be. Students are provided with opportunities to utilize paper and pencil resources, technology, manipulatives and a collaborative approach to exploring various grade level appropriate math concepts.

Social Studies and Science

Social Studies and Science content is driven by Ohio Updated Learning Standards. Teachers at Hartwell School teach with a wide variety of resources and with a conscious effort to provide inquiry-based opportunities inclusive of reading and writing on a daily basis.


Hartwell students also enjoy course offerings in the areas of physical education, visual arts, music, library and technology. Teachers in these areas often collaborate with grade-level teachers in order to further enrich the content that is being delivered in class each day.


Hartwell School has invested in the future and in our children — we are a 21st-century learning environment. Students at Hartwell School have access to technology each day in the form of learning tablets, desk top computers and mobile laptop labs. Teachers work to plan and deliver instruction that utilizes technology in an effort to increase teaching capacity and student learning.


Parents can always check the progress of their student's education by:

  • Checking their grades on PowerSchool
  • Contacting the students' teacher (see staff page for phone numbers)
  • Remember that during school hours teachers may not answer the phone, so please leave a message and they will call you as soon as they are able.
  • Setting up a conference